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What is the Instagram swipe up tool? The Instagram swipe up tool revolutionized the way companies and influencers reached their audiences and gained more followers by allowing them to add links directly to their Instagram Stories. Viewers can swipe up on a story or tap an arrow at the bottom of their screen to access a link without leaving the Instagram app or navigating back to a business's bio The swipe-up will be no more. Instagram is planning to retire the feature, which allows people to visit external webpages by swiping up, starting August 30th, according to a notification viewed by. Swipe up na Instagramu je pojmenování pro funkčnost, který se nachází v Příbězích (Stories) a umožňuje do okénka Příběhu dát odkaz - pomocí pohybu prstem nahoru (swipe up) je pak možné na takový odkaz kliknout (tahá se nahoru, proto swipe up). Swipe up funkčnost je dostupná pokud máte firemní účet (to j e snadné, stačí přepnout váš osobní na firemní) a pokud máte více než 10 000 sledujících Instagram has started showing a notification to several users, which says Swipe up links will soon be stickers. The change will be implemented on the platform from August 30, 2021. Swipe Up links in Instagram helped viewers to navigate from an Instagram story to an external website or page by swiping up on the feature-enabled story Sociální síť Instagram končí s funkcí swipe up, kterou mohli již několik let ve svých příbězích využívat uživatelé s počtem followerů nad 10 tisíc. O zásadní změně na sociální síti informoval portál The Verge. Starou funkci vývojáři nahradí už 30. srpna. Namísto.

When a swipe up link is added to a Story, viewers can simply tap on the arrow at the bottom of their screen or swipe up on the Story to access the link. Instagram swipe up is incredibly useful because it allows businesses to promote products, blog posts and sign up pages. These pages open right in the app for users to explore as well. Here's what this looks like on a Sprout Social Instagram Story below. How to get the Instagram swipe up featur A swipe up link makes it easy for your followers to visit your website just by swiping up on your Story. If you don't have a verified (blue checkmark) profile, you'll need to have a business profile and at least 10,000 followers to add a swipe up link. But if you don't have enough followers, you can still add a swipe up link with using an easy IGTV workaround Swiping Up Podcast. @spencerssobasic & @wendybeingbasic. Your basic bff's obsessed with influencer culture. Girl time every Tuesday. BIB: basic insta blogger linktr.ee/swipingup De swipe up functie. Met de swipe up kan jij een link toevoegen aan je story. Het enige wat de gebruiker hoeft te doen? Simpel. Dat is omhoog swipen. Op deze manier worden ze meteen naar jouw website doorgestuurd. Helaas is deze Instagram swipe up functie pas beschikbaar vanaf 10.000 volgers, geen klein aantal nee. Maar mocht jij dit magische nummer hebben bereikt, hier is hoe het werkt

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Instagram: Photo-sharing platform Instagram has decided to do away with the much coveted swipe up link from its Stories. That's right! Starting August 30 this year, the 'Swipe Up' links on. Instagram retiring 'swipe-up' feature, replacing it with 'link stickers' Jenny Kane/AP This Friday, Aug. 23, 2019 photo shows the Instagram app icon on the screen of a mobile device in New. The swipe-up feature is used to help its creator and brands to take their viewers to third-party websites directly. Facebook-owned Instagram is letting go of the swipe-up link in Instagram Stories starting on August 30. In place of the swipe-up call to action, Instagram users who previously had access to the feature will instead be able to.

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  1. Swipe Up - Instagram Funktion 3 Instagram Poll Sticker bieten die großartige Möglichkeit, die Interaktion mit den Instagram Stories voranzutreiben. Außerdem gibt es noch eine weitere wichtige Funktion und zwar kann man die Poll Sticker auch verwenden, um mit den Usern zu interagieren, die bereits auf eine Umfrage reagiert haben
  2. Découvrez comment mettre en place un swipe up dans vos stories Instagram. C'est quoi un swipe up ? Vous avez déjà du apercevoir les liens swipe up dans les soties de vos Influenceurs et Influenceuses favorites. Le lien swipe up est tout simplement un lien mis en story
  3. The Instagram swipe up feature is an incredibly powerful tool for any influencer. You can use it to share your own content and websites, or promote brands in your collaborations. And even if you don't have 10,000 followers, just use our trick above to start sharing links in your stories
  4. Die Swipe-Up-Funktion für Instagram Stories ist ein mächtiges Tool mit vielen Möglichkeiten und hilft dabei, die Reichweite zu erhöhen sowie Leads und Produkte zu bewerben. Du fügst einen Swipe Up einfach über das Kettensymbol im Story Editor hinzu
  5. De Instagram swipe-up functie. Het is je vast niet ontgaan dat je via jouw Instagram Stories de mogelijkheid hebt om een link te delen naar een externe websitepagina. Vooral bloggers en webshopeigenaren kunnen hiermee het verkeer op hun website snel laten groeien
  6. So Instagram allows you to add a swipe-up feature into the Instagram stories section. But the question is now to get an Instagram swipe-up feature in stories without 10K Followers. There are few criteria that you have to follow to add a swipe-up feature in your Instagram stories

Instagram Swipe Up best practises. Now you know what you can use a Swipe Up Instagram Story for, we have provided some best practices to ensure your Swipe Up links have maximum impact. Create an interactive Story. Interactive content on Instagram generally receives high engagement. An interactive Story could involve running a Q&A or poll. The Swipe Up Instagram feature, on the other hand, is meant to simplify the process. The goal is to drive even more traffic to a website, online shop, YouTube video, or blog post. To get straight to the point here - The Instagram Swipe Up feature allows you to add a link to your Instagram Story

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Wrapping Up. As you can see, Instagram's Swipe Up feature is a great way to drive traffic to your online properties if you have 10,000 followers or more. Of course, even if you don't have 10,000 followers you can still use the swipe up feature if you meet the requirements to become verified Instagram končí s funkcí swipe up. Namísto ní bude moci každý přidat do příběhu nálepku s odkazem. Hlavní obsah. Seznam Zprávy • středa 25. srpna. Svátek má Radim Konec swipe up v příbězích na Instagramu. Pokud se často pohybujete na sociální síti Instagram a sledujete také příběhy, jistě jste si u některých tvůrců všimli funkce s názvem Swipe Up. Jedná se o funkci, která vás z daného příběhu na Instagramu potažením ze spodní části displeje směrem nahoru přesměruje na. Come fare swipe up Instagram stories di Salvatore Aranzulla. Il tuo cantante preferito ha pubblicato un nuovo album e lo sta promuovendo tramite le storie del suo profilo Instagram.In un video, ha invitato coloro che lo seguono a fare swipe up, in modo da ascoltare l'opera su una piattaforma di musica in streaming

Naime, swipe up funkciju nema svatko na Instagramu i do nje nije lako doći. Morate biti ili verificirani na Instagramu ili imati preko 10 000 pratitelja kako biste dobili ovaj super dodatak. Za verifikaciju vam mogu odmah reći da, osim ako niste brend ili poznata osoba za koju su čuli i u Instagramu, šansa da je dobijete su od nule do nikakve The Instagram swipe up feature is a direct link that can be added to the user's posts. It is largely used on Instagram stories when the influencer needs to include a direct link to a petition, an article, a website/product that they are promoting

Swipe Up - Instagram Funktion 3. Instagram Poll Sticker bieten die großartige Möglichkeit, die Interaktion mit den Instagram Stories voranzutreiben. Außerdem gibt es noch eine weitere wichtige Funktion und zwar kann man die Poll Sticker auch verwenden, um mit den Usern zu interagieren, die bereits auf eine Umfrage reagiert haben The ability to send your followers to a site by sharing links on your Instagram Story spells a major opportunity for businesses, bloggers, influencers, and affiliate marketers alike!. That's why the Instagram Swipe Up feature is such a big deal - it's an easy, engaging way to drive traffic from the Instagram app

Instagram to remove swipe-up feature on 30 August. This feature was already under testing mode since June and it might also allow any Instagram user to share a link on the platform. Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram has decided to remove the swipe-up feature, which lets creators and brands direct users to third-party websites Effectiveness of the Instagram swipe up option: Now let's navigate how you can take complete advantage of this feature: Promotion of blog posts: If you are into blogging, sharing the link of your blog post is an excellent way to garner more traction. Just ensure that your font and graphic are clear and look the same on all mobile devices

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KOMPAS.com - Swipe up selama ini banyak digunakan oleh kalangan bisnis dan kreator di Instagram untuk mengarahkan pengguna Instagram Stories ke laman web untuk mengetahui lebih banyak informasi tentang suatu hal yang dipromosikan.Mulai 30 Agustus mendatang, fitur khas tersebut bakal dipensiunkan oleh Instagram. Sebagai gantinya, Instagram mengatakan kreator yang sebelumnya sudah mendapatkan. Instagram is informing users via in-app pop-up notifications that the swipe-up method for accessing links will be phased out on August 30th. These will be replaced by new tappable link stickers that will redirect you to the website in question. IG said the swipe up links will go away starting from Aug 30 and that I should use the link.

This video shows you how to Get Instagram SWIPE UP Link WITHOUT 10k Followers (2021). Hi, if you're looking to get the instagram swipe up link feature withou.. Instagram swipe up on Stories is an essential feature for marketers as it connects the app to an external link. However, to make this feature activated, your account must have qualities such as 10,000 followers. Because of the importance of swipe up on Instagram, Instagrammers came up with creative methods that let them access this feature. La fonctionnalité swipe-up sur Instagram permet d'ajouter un lien à sa story Insta en simplement incitant les abonnés à glisser vers le haut pour être redirigé vers le lien. Comment avoir le swipe up sur Instagram ? Pour avoir le Swipe up, il vous suffit d'avoir un compte vérifié ou d'avoir plus de 10 000 abonnés..

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Le terme anglais swipe up signifie balayer vers le haut en français.. Donc sur les stories Instagram, un swipe up est simplement un type de lien auquel les personnes qui regardent votre story peuvent accéder par le biais d'un simple geste - en balayant vers le haut de leur écran.. Une fois ce geste réalisé, le spectateur accède directement au site auquel vous avez mis un lien, sans. Instagram swipe up now means you can link directly to your products. However, there's a few criteria to meet before you can add swipe up links to your Instagram Stories. This article will give you a complete walkthrough of what swipe up is and how you can start adding links to Instagram Stories to drive traffic to your website and products Instagram said that the link sticker fits in better with the way users use the platform. One of the key differences is that unlike swipe up stories, users can respond to stories that have a Link.

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The Instagram swipe-up tool revolutionized the way companies and influencers reached their audiences and gained more followers by permitting them to add links directly to their Instagram Stories. Viewers can include swipe up on a story or tap an arrow at the bottom of their screen to enter a link without leaving the Instagram app or go back to. San Francisco, Aug 24 (IANS) Facebook-owned Instagram is ditching the swipe-up link in Instagram Stories starting on August 30. The popular feature has historically allowed businesses and high. Instagram ha annunciato che a partire dal 30 agosto andrà a dismettere la funzione Swipe up tra i propri strumenti di creazione delle Storie.Se per certi versi la cosa è di piccolo impatto per chi non conosce al meglio la piattaforma, per creator e influencer si tratta invece di un cambio importante poiché verrà meno quello che è il principale strumento di conversione fin qui. Let's see how to Post Instagram Stories With SWIPE UP Link From Computer. You can use this tool to post to Instagram stories for mac or PC. This is one of my..

Doch der Swipe-up ist bald Geschichte: Vom 30. August an will Instagram die Funktion entfernen. Das bestätigte die zum Facebook-Konzern gehörende Plattform dem US-Techmagazin The Verge Instagram Swipe Up: Instagram 30 अगस्त से Stories पर Swipe-up ऑप्शन को कर रहा बंद, लिंक स्टिकर से होगा रिप्ले Jakarta - . Instagram sudah berencana menggantikan fitur swipe up di Stories dengan stiker link. Kini tanggal pergantian itu sudah terungkap, Instagram akan memensiunkan swipe up mulai 30 Agustus 2021 mendatang. Seperti diketahui, fitur swipe up di Stories memungkinkan kreator dan bisnis untuk mengarahkan followers-nya ke situs eksternal, misalnya ke produk jualan mereka, membaca artikel, atau. SEMARANG SELATAN, AYOSEMARANG.COM -- Fitur swipe up atau geser ke atas di Instagram dilaporkan bakal dihapus mulai 30 Agustus mendatang. Pengguna tidak lagi bisa mengunjungi link eksternal yang dibagikan di Instagram Stories lewat swipe up. Instagram akan mengganti fitur swipe up menjadi link sticker. Stiker ini juga berisi link yang akan membawa pengguna menuju halaman web di luar Instagram CALIFORNIA - Instagram berencana untuk menghentikan fitur Swipe Up, yang memungkinkan orang untuk mengunjungi halaman web eksternal dengan menggesek ke atas, mulai 30 Agustus 2021. Setelah menghapus fitur Swipe Up, Instagram mengatakan orang akan dapat menggunakan stiker tautan. Stiker ini dapat diketuk dan akan membawa orang ke situs web eksternal

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  1. ggu depan Instagram akan mengganti swipe up untuk membuka link eksternal. Layanan berbagi foto ini menyingkirkan fitur yang berguna dan menggantinya dengan stiker link. Berita perubahan pertama kali muncul melalui The Verge, yang melaporkan melihat.
  2. Instagram Swipe Up Stories is dynamic and creative Premiere Pro template with rhythm and simple animation. In this Instagram project you have 20 unique and dynamic Instagram Swipe Up Stories. It is so easy to use: simply edit the text in text placeholder, import your photo or video and go to render
  3. Instagram วางแผนที่จะยกเลิกการใช้งานระบบ Swipe up หรือ ปัดขึ้น ในส่วนของ Story เพื่อเปิดหน้าเว็บไซต์ภายนอกตั้งแต่วันที่ 30 สิงหาคมนี้เป็นต้นไ
  4. Cómo poner swipe up en instagram. 1 Entra a Instagram. 2 Elige la story que vas a subir. 3 Edita el contenido. 4 Añade el link a tu historia. 5 Comparte tu historia. Por qué añadir un link en stories de Instagram. Añade links en todas tus publicaciones de Instagram. Ya estás de nuevo en Instagram pasando el rato, viendo las stories de la.
  5. Meet Swipe-Up to Donate: The Goodworld Instagram technology. Using Instagram s t ories, your nonprofit can now drive simple and secure in-platform donations with our customizable Instagram Swipe-Up
  6. En Swipe up funktion på Instagram Stories kan du bara få den dagen du når 10.000 följare. Självklart är det kul att få igång den funktionen och smidigt MEN utan relevant och värdefullt innehåll, som riktar sig till din idealkund, så kommer ingen att Swipa up upp i alla fall

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Instagram: addio swipe up. Jane Manchun Wong, una ricercatrice che spesso si è occupata delle novità in via di sviluppo dei social network, ha annunciato che Instagram presto dirà addio allo swipe up per poter accedere ai link esterni. La notizia è stata poi condivisa dallo youtuber Sam Sheffer, che ha fatto vedere il messaggio d'avviso che hanno ricevuto diversi utenti non appena hanno. Instagram Pensiunkan Swipe Up Per 30 Agustus 2021, Diganti dengan Stiker Link. Nah, mulai 30 Agustus 2021, fitur swipe up Instagram bakal tidak digunakan lagi. Instagram akan menggantinya dengan stiker Link yang memuat link. Selasa, 24 Agustus 2021 12:15. Editor: Anjar Wulandari Addio swipe-up e benvenuto link sticker nelle Stories di Instagram: dal 30 agosto, il social network sostituirà il celebre sistema per aprire una pagina esterna all'app con un elemento più.

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Jakarta (ANTARA) - Instagram berencana untuk menghentikan fitur Swipe Up yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk berkunjung ke halaman web eksternal dengan cara menggulir ke atas tampilan Stories mulai 30 Agustus. Melansir laporan The Verge, Selasa, Instagram akan mengganti fungsi Swipe Up dengan fitur stiker yang berisi tautan alamat link.Nantinya, stiker di dalam Stories dapat diketuk dan membawa. Instagram sta per eliminare del tutto la funzione di Swipe Up.La compagnia infatti ha iniziato a notificare agli utenti che questa funzionalità verrà sostituita da un nuovo sticker che permetterà di applicare dei link al suo interno.Questo sticker dovrebbe essere disponibile per tutti gli utenti e quindi non più soltanto per coloro che raggiungono più di 10.000 follower Instagram está notificando su decisión de eliminar la opción de 'Swipe Up' (deslizar hacia arriba) en sus Historias para compartir un enlace.A partir del 30 de agosto, los usuarios de.

Instagram implementará un sticker para compartir enlaces en las historias. El 30 de agosto, Instagram pondrá final definitivo al swipe up en sus historias. Quienes tienen acceso a esta función, ya han comenzado a recibir dentro de la app una pequeña notificación relacionada. De acuerdo a lo comentado en The Verge, medio que confirmó la. Instagram reemplazará el Swipe Up por pegatinas con enlaces, la cuales se podrán tocar y dirigir a los usuarios a otros sitios web. Estos 'stickers' son similares a los que ya existen en la. Among them, the most important has been the Instagram Story. A story can generally appear as an image or a video file that stays in the user's feed for 24 hours. Now Instagram has come up with a new feature called swipe up advertisements. If the user wants to provide swipe advertisements the user has to follow the following steps

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  1. Swipe-up se stal jedním z klíčových prvků pro zobrazování webových odkazů na Instagramu. Nyní ho ale sociální síť odstraní a nahradí
  2. How to add a swipe up link to an Instagram story? Now that you know the prerequisites, let's see how you could add your business' link to your Instagram Stories. To start, fire up the Instagram app and tap on the 'camera' icon at the top-left corner of the interface. Now, click a picture or upload an image from your gallery
  3. The Swipe Up tool is an available feature that comes with the Instagram Stories. This posting method allows the displaying of short videos that users get in their daily feeds, and that may highlight or summarise the latest activity
  4. Get Instagram Story Swipe Ups on your story by selecting a service, package, and adding your Instagram Story Link to the field provided. To obtain your link, go to your desired story with the swipe up and click More, then click Copy Link. Story Swipe Ups - Story swipe ups from worldwide countries, mixed genders. *Swipe ups are.
  5. Swipe up v tomto prípade do svojich stories môžete vložiť nasledovne. IGTV finta So službou IGTV, ktorú Instagram ponúka svojim používateľom na vytváranie, nahrávanie a zdieľanie videí sa už pravdepodobne stretol každý z vás
  6. Les swipe up dans les stories d'Instagram vous permettent d'être plus tactique avec vos histoires, ce qui entraîne encore plus de clics et de conversions. Parlons un peu plus de ce qu'est cette fonctionnalité et de son intérêt, avant de découvrir comment faire un swipe up sur instagram

The 'Swipe-Up' feature in Instagram Stories is a game-changer to driving traffic and sales to your website or blog. This feature is currently only available to Instagram business accounts with over 10,000 followers or verified accounts.The 'Swipe-Up ' feature is perfect for businesses and influencers looking to share new content or products for their followers to easily have access to Built for Instagram & Facebook stories, swipe up games enables users to Swipe Up on stories to open an interactive gaming experience in the in-app browser! EXPLORE WHY SWIPE UP GAMES? Stories is the new feed. More. brands are creating stories. than ever before! Stories with Swipe Up. Instagram's swipe up feature. Did you know that you can use the swipe up feature in stories even if you don't have 10k followers? Now, as you probably know, when you see people saying in their Stories, Swipe up, what they're doing is driving you to a website link

Swipe up on Instagram is an opportunity to follow the necessary link (website with your product description, catalogue, or other product information source). The user can go directly from the Story Instagram Swipe Up Stories is dynamic and creative After Effects template with rhythm and simple animation. In this Instagram project you have 20 unique and dynamic Instagram Swipe Up Stories. It is so easy to use: simply edit the text in text placeholder, import your photo or video and go to render

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3. Adding a Swipe Up link to Instagram Story. Now, at the top of your screen, you will see a link symbol. Go ahead and tap on that link symbol, and you should see an option for IGTV video. Once you hit IGTV video - lo and behold - you will see the IGTV video you just uploaded. So you can link to your IGTV video in your Insta Story, even. The swipe up destination can be an external web page, but it can also be your Instagram shop. As such, the swipe up feature is an additional chord on your arc for social commerce. You can choose.

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  1. 2. Add IGTV video swipe up link to Instagram story. Once you publish an IGTV video, you can create a story with a swipe up link that leads to the IGTV video even if you have less than 10k followers. You can use the story to promote the IGTV video, and the link in the IGTV video will drive traffic. Here's the step-by-step process on how to do.
  2. Instagram has a replacement for the swipe-up feature. Users will be able to use the link stickers in their stories that will give them access to sharing external websites. Now ya'll know Instagram doesn't just make changes without doing the proper research. The photo and video-sharing social networking service have been working on the.
  3. Instagram Swipe Up: vantaggi per gli utenti. Per capire se una funzionalità è un bene o un male dobbiamo/possiamo valutarne i pro e i contro. Tendenzialmente di contro non ne abbiamo, visto che non è obbligatorio utilizzare questa funzione per fare Swipe Up.. Capiamo quindi insieme quali possono essere i vantaggi di avere lo Swipe Up e di capire come fare Swipe Up su Instagram
  4. So, thats how you can add a swipe up to Instagram stories without having 10,000 followers! If you need any more advice on how to do any of this check out my Power Hour service where you can get 1:1 support and advice on all aspects of social media marketing, including advertising
  5. Instagram ruší swipe-up. 3D loga sociální sítě Instagram • Zdroj: Freepik/ natanaelginting . Populární funkce přejetí prstem nahoru pro otevření odkazů z Instagram stories končí. Sociální síť se rozhodla tuto svou funkcionalitu zrušit už od konce září. Se zprávou jako první přišel webový server The Verge
  6. Existential, political and philosophical issues are intrinsic to our programme. As visitor you are invited to guided tours artist talks, lectures, film screenings and other events with free admission. The exhibitions are produced by UMoMA in collaboration with artists and museums around the world and they often attract international attention

Sejak diluncurkan pada 2010, Instagram terus meluncurkan inovasi yang memanjakan penggunanya. Tak heran, Instagram menjadi salah satu platform social media marketing yang banyak dipilih oleh para marketer.. Salah satu inovasi yang paling diminati ialah Swipe Up yang terdapat pada Instagram Story.. Di feeds Instagram, kamu tidak bisa menaruh link untuk diklik oleh pengikutmu Swipe up neon sign. glowing neon arrow pointer isolated. realistic glowing bright neon arrow. shining and glowing neon effect. Close up fashion details you business woman , tapped something on her phone, urban autumn city background, bright suit and cashmere coat, ready for conference Links are not clickable on Instagram and swipe up comes to rescue. But, swipe up option too has it's limitations. This is the screenshot of the message I received on Instagram. Yes, most of the people are aware of the fact that the swipe up on Instagram is activated if you are having 10,000+ followers Instagram es en estos momentos la red social más popular y utilizada en todo el mundo. Cuenta con más de 1.000 millones de usuarios en todo el mundo que acceden a sus cuentas cada día para compartir sus contenidos a través de publicaciones convencionales o las llamas stories. Si eres de esas personas que sube mucho contenido a las Stories, te interesa saber cómo poner swipe up en Instagram

TIP: Encourage viewers to swipe up to watch your IGTV with a verbal call-to-action, on-screen text, or an animated GIF. Instagram Story Link Hack #2: Add a Swipe Up Link to Your Instagram Shop Another way to drive traffic from your Instagram Stories (without 10K followers) is by adding a swipe up link to your Instagram Shop Businesses and creators can add swipe up to View the Collection to Instagram Stories. Before you begin: You must be approved for Instagram Shopping, completed setup, and created a collection before being able to add swipe up to View the Collection to your stories Instagram a pris la décision d'abandonner le « swipe up », c'est-à-dire la possibilité de faire un balayage vers le haut pour ouvrir un lien. L'abandon aura lieu à compter du 30 août. Instagram Stories Swipe Up is an exciting new feature that finally allows business users with huge fan base to share links outside of their bio. But the number of swipes you get affects your post's popularity, so many people choose to buy Instagram story swipe up Swipe-Up-Ersatz für Instagram: Wer das Feature jetzt nutzen kann. Stattdessen stehen zukünftig die neuen Link-Sticker zur Verfügung - zunächst allerdings wieder nur denjenigen, die die.

Instagram ditching swipe up gesture to access links, will

  1. こんにちはさきコンです!皆さんはインスタストーリーの投稿に「スワイプしてください」「Swipe up」などと書かれているのを見たことありませんか? これを上にスワイプするとリンクされたページに飛べるのですが、自分がこういう投稿をするなら、よりスワイプされるように目立たせたいと.
  2. Instagram comenzará a retirar una de sus funciones más populares a partir del 30 de agosto. Esta característica, conocida como swipe up o desliza hacia arriba, permite añadir enlaces en.
  3. Sempre que um utilizador do Instagram, com mais de 10.000 seguidores ou verificados, queria redirecionar os seguidores de uma história para alguma plataforma externa, podia recorrer ao swipe-up.
  4. So Long Instagram Swipe-Up, It Was Nice Knowing Yo
  5. Instagram Replacing Swipe Up Gesture to Access Links in
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